A Low Calorie YAML Alternative

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Welcome to Diet YAML.

Diet YAML is a light-weight subset of the full YAML specification.

Diet YAML is suitable for configuration files, data storage, data transmission and a variety of other use cases where basic data and human readability are the requirements.

If you need true serilaization than use the full YAML specification.

Ride the YAML!


The following railroad diagram is not a complete specification (and may never be). Its purpose is to give you a broad view of the main of the format while leaving out some of the more trivial details like escape characters. The details are described below and can be see in (coming soon) the *complete* PEGEX grammer). PNG image of SVG diagram

Authors and Contributors

You can @mention a GitHub username to generate a link to their profile. The resulting <a> element will link to the contributor's GitHub Profile. For example: In 2007, Chris Wanstrath (@defunkt), PJ Hyett (@pjhyett), and Tom Preston-Werner (@mojombo) founded GitHub.

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